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EO is an organization that strives to provide an immersive employment search experience. We help individuals achieve their vocational goals engendering improved self-worth and self-esteem.

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COVID-19: Mitigating the Effects
9/20/2020 | By Josh Williams

Though we are a remote company, Employment Options still operates within the community.  Safety is everything, especially when considering our employees and clients, Oregon’s counselors, and local businesses.  In an effort to improve the overall health of our communities at large, and in compliance with current law, Employment Options is pleased to continue offering services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Clients participating in services with Employment Options can rest assured that their health and wellness have been carefully considered, and will continue to be.  Our specialists our sure to sanitize everything they or a client may come into contact with.  This includes touchscreens they use to collect signatures on and the vehicles they drive.  No matter how small, large or seldom used, the first priority is stopping the spread of the virus. 

With our specialist working remotely, Employment Options already has the edge on limiting social contact, but that wasn’t enough for us.  When venturing into the community our employees are certain to wear appropriate PPE and respect every client’s preferences.  Be it limiting client contact to virtual communications or staying six feet away from the client in their home, we respect your right to feel safe.  If you have questions or require further accommodations regarding the pandemic, please don’t hesitate to ask your employment specialist!