Founded in 2015, Employment Options (EO) is an Oregon based employment services Company aiming to revolutionize the industry.

EO is an organization that strives to provide an immersive employment search experience. We help individuals achieve their vocational goals engendering improved self-worth and self-esteem.

Our team of skilled employment specialists provide individually tailored job-related solutions for our clients every day.



From our sister company SQL8 comes our new software solution for Job Developers and Job Coaches, Communic8. Designed by employment specialists and tailored specifically for the needs of VR vendors throughout Oregon and beyond, Communic8 aims to help Job Developers save time by automating time-consuming processes and consolidating client and employer data into one central repository.

Communic8 can automatically generate monthly reports for the VR office using the data stored in our secure system, while ensuring full compliance with relevant regulations and guidelines including HIPAA. Customizable workflows allow Communic8 to be modified to fit the specifications of any service, ensuring seamless integration with existing processes. Featuring a user-friendly interface that streamlines data entry and retrieval, Communic8 aims to eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets and the need to tediously cross-reference multiple data systems.

In conjunction with SQL8, we hope to empower Job Developers to focus on what matters most: serving clients and achieving exceptional outcomes.