The Client

Everything is about this person and we would not exist without them.  We strive to teach and guide our clients to a better career path, but we cannot do it alone.

Participation from the client is essential, for without it we simply cannot operate as efficiently.  This is why we ask for an alternate contact in the first meeting, as we always want to be in communication with our clients.

Communication is the first step, but there’s more!  Clients that have actively participated with their specialist and engaged in the necessary activities have reported higher amounts of interviews and job offers.  This comes right down to the team effort and expert coordination you can be a part of!

We don’t just want to get you a job, we want to empower you and make certain you play a direct part in getting one.

Support Network

Have you ever heard the saying, “your network is your net worth”?  We highly encourage those you know to be a part of your job development process.  This introduces natural supports that you can rely on in many ways.

Support networks often consist of friends and loved ones, and those people know you best.  With their help, your employment specialist can learn more about you, what your needs are, and how they can better help.

Ask Questions

Job searching can be difficult and stressful, but that’s the benefit of having an employment specialist.  They deal with this every day and are always happy to share what they know.

When a question is asked or a concern is voiced, we consider it a compliment.  Why?  Because we see it as that person trying to better themselves, and we feel greatly humbled that they chose to come to us for the answer.

Our specialists want to help you in any way possible, and when you ask questions it allows them to gain a better understanding of what you need!


Employment specialists will often seek your feedback on a variety of things, and we hope you let them know!  If you feel they could be searching for work in other locations or coaching you in a way that’s more conducive to your personality, all you must do is say so.

We are always happy to adjust and adapt to better suit client needs, but we can’t do it if we don’t get feedback.  Even if what you have to say is not positive, let us hear it.  Just as we want to improve your life, we also want to improve our business!