The common answer is “get you a job”, but EO does so much more than that.  Our employment specialists empower you to actively take ownership of your own job search.  This promotes long-term positive employment outcomes for you. 

Our employment specialists possess a myriad of skills that provide the basis for person-centered job search related activities.  Your job preparation and search will be individually customized to meet your specific requirements.  Our employment specialists have built relationships with business owners and hiring managers in your community and will advocate for you.

Our goal to ensure an individual’s employment search consists of multiple job preparation and search related tasks every week.  Pair this with regular meetings, and you can expect to be kept up to date on your employment search on a weekly basis.

This depends on several factors, including you!  When you decide on your career path, your employment specialist will assess the job market for opportunities that fall within your vocational goal. The demand for your chosen job can greatly affect the time it takes to secure employment. However, your participation in the process is also a big factor in how long it can take to secure a job.  If you actively engage in the unique guidance your employment specialist provides, you will expedite finding a rewarding career!

Firstly, inform your employment specialist.  Their role is not only to help you secure employment, but to advocate for you in order to retain your position.

Maybe you need an accommodation for the physical pain you are experiencing.  Maybe the Company is not providing sufficient training.  Whatever it is, you have a team behind you ready you address the issues at hand.

A cover letter offers an employer the ability to get to know you.  Your resume describes your skills, job history and certifications.  But it may not tell a Company anything about who you are as a person.  A cover letter can address this.  It is an opportunity for you to reach the business owner/manager personally. You can share why you are excited to join their organization, and why you feel you will be a great fit for their team.

Inform your employment specialist as soon as possible.  They will support you in preparing for your interview and will accompany you should you wish!  Please know that prospective employers will want to hear from you, and that your employment specialist is in attendance for support, only.